Plans for 2017

I attended my first live tennis tournament in the summer of 2014, when I attended the Aegon Classic in Birmingham for the first time. I have now attended the tournament there 3 times and don’t plan to stop going any time soon. Live tennis is fabulous, and I felt like in 2017 I wanted to add to my locations and try some new tournaments. Here is what my live tennis plan for 2017 looks like.

WTA Stuttgart (24th-28th April)

I have always wanted to attend this tournament, and for a few years was the only clay tournament I liked. I was sat at work on a Friday afternoon (pay day too…) and just started pricing stuff up, and then before you know it I had purchased tickets. I blame the work calender working in my favour, but I am SO SO pumped that I’ve got the opportunity to attend one of the tournaments in my top 3.

I will be attending this tournament for first round and second round action. I wanted Quarter Final tickets too, but my Hotel would of been more pricey. I will be flying out on the Monday, so hopefully Lisicki and some of my other favourites will be a Tuesday player. I do have an early flight, so I can always head to the stadium if she is scheduled. 


WTA Madrid (5th-8th May)

Madrid has never really been part of my list of favourite tournaments in previous years, but in 2015 I really enjoyed watching it. I am super excited to be there for first and second round action, and I am particularly looking forward to the Sunday during my trip, where they play around 20 R1 matches on the WTA side.

I have centre court tickets (Manolo Santata court) which has access to Court 2 (Arantxa Sanchez Vicario court) as well as the outer courts, so a lot of court hopping will be taking place! With Spain only being a few hours away on a plane, I thought it was a great excuse to visit one of the biggest clay tournaments, and my first Premier Mandatory tournie! Also, I may FINALLY get to see Cibulkova live!!



WTA Birmingham (19th-25th June)

This has been a staple (well the only staple) in my plans each year. This will be my fourth year at the Aegon Classic (which is crazy!!). The Line-up has got better and better each year with more top players opting to get some more grass practice in before Wimbledon. I think the middle slot works well for them! After a waterlogged 2015 tournament, I’m hoping for a week of British Sunshine. 

I love Birmingham as a city, so I always enjoy my week at this tournament, in and out of the ground. I am still super surprised at how close you can get to the players. I still find it super odd when a player walks past you chatting away to their team. The only one thing I do find a struggle about this tournament is their love of school groups. The kids can be super noisy, super irritable to the players and just all round pests, but I suppose it’s good for them to see it all in action. I am hoping Sabine’s ranking will be boosted in time for this event, as she shouldn’t be playing Mallorca.





I have sent off for Wimbledon tickets this year, so I would love to get tickets to finally go and watch some tennis there. I have never visited a slam tournament, so this would be my first experience of one of those too. I also have a fair share of it booked off work which I am happy about this year. I have the entire first week off (bar the Wednesday annoyingly) as well as the middle Monday and Quarter Final Tuesday. I would love a ticket for the first two days, or for the middle Monday!

I am tempted by the Queue, but I’m not a fan of camping… we’ll see! 


I am visiting two clay tournaments, and a grass tournament (hopefully 2…) in 2017, so I really would love to fit an European hard tournament into it. Hard courts are my favourite surface, and I love Indoor hard even more! As a tournament to watch on TV Luxembourg is one of my favourites, but I have heard it is an expensive city. On the other hand Linz (a tournament I didn’t really focus on or care about much until Domi’s Singapore mission) was fabulous this year, and attracted a great line up, as played fought for the last Singapore slots. This will be a late planned trip, as I will have to see the new work calender in September!

Fed Cup Final

After visiting Fed Cup final in 2014, I have always said if Germany make the final again *in a European city* I would go. So if Germany make the final in a European city, I may just take a late trip again for a long weekend! 


Have any of you got any tennis trips lined up in 2017? Please let me know what tournaments you are visiting! I will be super jealous of anyone attending Auckland, Aus Open, Brisbane, Indian Wells, Cincy & The US Open!