2016 – Tennis and I

The 2016 WTA season has been eventful to say the least! It’s been a year of scandal, inspirational stories, shock, change, uncertainty, highs and most definitely lows. Plenty of great things have happened this season on and off court including;

  • Marriages 
  • Pregnancies & Children
  • Kerber’s breakthrough from top 10 journeywoman to 2 times grandslam champion and world number 1.
  • Muguruza’s first Slam
  • Monica Puig’s just incredible run to the Olympic gold medal
  • Cibulkova and Konta’s surge up the rankings in career best seasons.

However a lot of negative and sad things have also filled up the headlines regarding tennis;

  • Match Fixing
  • Maria Sharapova’s doping scandal and subsequent ban and appeals
  • Some players struggle with injuries and confidence issues 

and most recently, the sad and shocking news regarding the violent attack on Petra Kvitova at her apartment in the Czech Republic. Thinking of you Petra, and wish you well on your recovery ❤

Photo Credit - Dafabet
Photo Credit – Dafabet


Although there has been a lot to talk about this year, and I’ve enjoyed Tennis Twitter even more, there were periods of the season where I was seemingly falling out of love with Tennis. This (added with work commitments) has probably explained why I have been so sporadic and lack lustre on updating and posting regularly on here. In 2014 and 2015, blogging and writing on here was a real joy and something that I wanted to do all the time regardless of whether I had the time or not. However this year the motivation just wasn’t really there all the time.

It wasn’t until the Asian swing that I realized just why I was being so negative regarding tennis. It’s laughable really, as usually the Asian swing is my least favourite swing of the year, and the time where I would usually miss the most matches. I found myself engrossed again. I was trying to sneakily watch from my desk at work, watching it on my Ipad at lunch, getting up early on the weekends to watch finals, going home and watching highlights etc… Something that I hadn’t really experienced since the early parts of the season. 

Anyone that follows me on twitter, or who have read my posts in the past will know that I have a list of favourite players that I follow and support (quite passionately in some cases), and I believe my constant focus on these players and their success was the reason why my passion for tennis was waning. Without going into details about names (although I’m sure you’ll know these certain players) the top players that I was supporting wasn’t playing their greatest tennis, they were either low in confidence, coming back from injury, on a major decline or was picking up injuries all of the time. The results weren’t happening and it was just sad watching them not their former selves. I’m not someone who necessarily cares if my player is winning week in week out, I just enjoy watching them play well and enjoy tennis. It was just getting sad watching them on court seemingly lost and not enjoying themselves. 

There was a particular point just after Wimbledon, where I was in a “tennis depression” and I didn’t want to watch, read or tweet about Tennis. I then randomly (probably bored..) started watching some coverage from the WTA Swiss Open and felt real joy watching home girl Golubic pick up her maiden title (I’m a sucker for people winning home tournaments). The draw was filled with players that I didn’t usually watch, why would I? they weren’t players I supported. This is where I’ve been going wrong all season.

I’d been getting way to hooked up and been focusing too much on my favorite players, and had totally forgotten that it was Tennis itself i enjoyed, not just three or four players. I ended the season watching matches from anyone and actually enjoying what i was watching. I could sit back, enjoy what was happening and just appreciate tennis as a sport. This was what i did in the end of 2013 and throughout 2014, and i’d say that is when i enjoyed Tennis the most. I enjoyed (having the time) starting the day with BT sport, and just watching what they were showing regardless of who the players were. I enjoyed clicking on TennisTV and just watching centre court from an international event in Istanbul, i got to see so many different players and appreciate so many different styles.

So going into 2017 season, i have 3 “tennis resolutions”

  1. To just watch Tennis when i get the time, and not get too hooked up on my favorite players and their progress. I will still watch their matches, cheer them on, be happy, be gutted when they lose etc… but i wont get to hooked up on them. I don’t want to be scouring draws hoping ‘player A loses because if they win my fave will need to play them and the H2H is poor’ or hoping ‘Player C loses today as my fave will fall 3 places etc’. I want to sit and watch other matches, watch other players and just enjoy Tennis as a sport. 
  2. Blog and write on here more often. I would LOVE to do weekly posts again, and I hope that i can stick to this! I really enjoy writing preview posts (even if i do usually make a mess). I’m going to start doing what I did in 2014, and print out draws and do a draw prediction and see how well i do. Also with me attending a few more tournaments in 2017, i’ll have some more different content to write about.
  3. To Learn – I feel as a tennis fan on twitter i sometimes feel uneducated about the technical terms of tennis. I think i know the difference between a backhand and forehand (hopefully…), but i’d love to be able to tweet/write about some technical aspects, or actually know when i see a certain shot. I would also love to know a bit more about pre- 2013. 

Coming soon (before NYE) will be my 2017 predictions post, where i’ll discuss who I think will finish in the top 10 or possibly top 20.

I hope everyone has a really nice Christmas, and then we’ll be back in WTA mode for 2017! I love love the first week of the year as Brisbane & Auckland is two of my top tournaments. 




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